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Foreign arrivals surge in busy June

More than 567,000 international visitors arrived in Vietnam in June, a 30 percent rise over the same month last year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

As a result, the total number of foreign arrivals during the first six months of the year exceeded 3.54 million, a year-on-year increase of 2.6 percent.

More than 2.8 million arrived by air, up 0.8 percent year on year, while over 120,000 arrived by sea (up 2.7 percent) and 561,000 by land (up 12.5 percent).

Over 2.16 million visitors came to the country as tourists, accounting for 61 percent of total visitors, followed by business travellers and those who visited relatives.

Tourists from Russia saw a 58 percent rise in number, followed by those from Thailand (24 percent), Indonesia (21.5 percent) and mainland China (21 percent).

Despite economic difficulties, the administration remained optimistic that the tourism market would recover in the upcoming months.

The number of visitors continued to increase in spite of a 1.4 percent fall in the first five months of the year.

The domestic tourism industry is working with foreign agencies to create new tours and routes to attract more foreign tourists, according to the Vietnam Administration of Tourism.

The sector expects to receive about 7.2 million foreign visitors this year, an increase of 5.15 percent, and to serve about 35 million domestic tourists (a surge of 7.69 percent).

Foreign visitors spent an average of nine days in Vietnam. They also poured a relatively big amount of foreign currency into the economy, spending an average of 1,002 USD per arrival last year, much higher than in 2005, when the average spending was 661 USD per arrival.

Tourists paid the most for accommodations, which accounted for 27 percent of total spending, followed by food (20 percent), travel (17 percent) and goods purchasing (15 percent).

Tourists from Japan spent the most: 167 USD per day per person. They were followed by those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and the Philippines.

The country earned 6.83 billion USD last year from tourist spending, equivalent to 70 percent of overseas national currency exchange.

Source: VNA