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Sapa life in the mist

Legendary Sapa has been coverd by fog and dropping temperatures recently.

Sapa, in the northern province of Lao Cai, has been covered by fog as temperatures fell to under 3 degrees Celsius.

Sapa is living up to its nickname of “foggy town”. Life in one of Vietnam’s most famous tourist towns seems to have slowed down, even when the sun has come up.

A large number of people have fled the noisy city life to soak in what Sapa has to offer.

Snow has not hit Sapa but the town still covered in white due to the fog.

Below are images captured from the foggy town:

An old man sells water in front of the church

Image of Sapa at 5:30 pm

Church at the town’s centre

A Hmong ethnic minority man (right) huddled up in the cold

An umbrella turned inside out by the strong wind

Lakeside in the town centre

Hmong ethnic minority couple on the way to the market